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Patient Info

Patient Info

Consultations and tests are provided primarily at our rooms at 55 Hills Street, Gosford. Imaging and other diagnostic tests, if needed, are available nearby. Inpatient and day-only tests and treatment are provided at Gosford or Wyong Hospitals and Gosford Private Hospital. We have strong professional links with other national and international centres of excellence whenever necessary.

Consultations and tests are provided at two locations, Gosford (55 Hills Street Gosford) and Kanwal (Suite C4, Kanwal Medical Complex, Kanwal).

Neurological symptoms are often worrying. For this reason we offer a rapid access clinic. Your referring doctor can request an urgent appointment if necessary.

Insurance and workers compensation cases require prior approval
Please bring your referral letter, Medicare card and any health care card or pension card.
An SMS reminder can be sent to your mobile the day before your appointment.