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Referrer Info


We keep our waiting list as short as possible. Urgent referrals will be seen in the Rapid Access Clinic on request.
It can be very helpful to discuss difficult clinical problems early. You are always welcome to phone or text Prof Heard directly if you are concerned about one of your patients.
The patient should call 4323 6077 to make their appointment.
Telehealth consultations are available for regional & remote patients and currently under COVID-19 item numbers.

Neurodiagnostic tests

Bulk billing is is not routinely provided but will be considered in response to a request from a referring doctor.
A consultation may be included when appropriate to increase the diagnostic accuracy or yield of the test. Please inform us if a consultation is specifically not requested.

Online referral form

  1. Download referral letter. This can be filled in, printed and faxed to 4325 5799 or uploaded below
    download referral letter

2. Securely upload referral letter and other clinical documents